Antitrust Litigation

Healthy competition and free markets are the driving forces that ensure economic growth and prosperity for us all. And while competition can be fierce, it should never be unfair. Knowing the line between the two can be the difference between a multi-million dollar business and a multimillion-dollar judgment. Whether your company has been accused of anticompetitive behavior or believes it is the victim of anticompetitive tactics, Carter Arnett has the expertise and experience necessary to protect your business. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of established and emerging laws surrounding the market definition, market power, and the bounds of permissible collaborative business arrangements. Our attorneys don’t just write and speak on antitrust issues;  We bring that depth of knowledge to the courtroom, where we have successfully tried to jury verdict (and sustained on appeal)  cases brought under Sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Act and their state-law equivalents.